Sofa Removal

White sofa for sofa removal

Sofa Removal by White Gloves

Looking for Sofa Removal?

Over time, that once-perfect sofa can quickly turn into a raggedy, torn-up nightmare. Years of soda spills, wear and tear, and general use…it’s just something that happens! At White Gloves, we don’t think you should have to live with that old sofa if we can help it! We’re offering our full-service old sofa removal to you at our affordable prices today! So why keep that old sofa around when our professional team can make quick work of it? We’ll have it loaded on our truck and hauled off into the distance in the blink of an eye!

About White Gloves

White Gloves is your local junk removal talent, operating out of the Greater Atlanta Area! Our specialty is handling the region’s junk hauling needs, including couch removal! Why us? First, we’re available to come to you on the same day or next day that you call us! Second, our trucks can carry more than the competition, so even if you have twenty sofas, we can haul them all away! Third, our courteous and profession team can get the job done better than anyone else in the region! Why settle for less when you’re already talking to the best service in the state? White Gloves is eager to help with your sofa removal today—so let’s start together, shall we?

Getting Started

Think you’re interested? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to White Gloves today! First, call us at (404) 620-4717 to set up your first appointment. Or, contact us online. No matter how you get to us, one of our White Gloves employees will be there and ready to ask about your sofa removal job. Next, tell us the details, and we’ll give you an over-the-phone estimate and a 2-hour arrival window so you know to expect from our services. Pretty simple, huh? White Gloves knows your time is valuable and cuts straight to the chase so you can get back to doing the things you need to do. We understand what it’s like to be busy, after all!

During Your Appointment…

On the day that we arrive, you’ll meet our White Gloves team—a friendly bunch that’s ready to learn your name and get to work on your couch removal. So, where’s that old sofa at, anyway? First, show it to us, and we’ll give you an in-person quote that’ll serve as the final price for the sofa removal job. No tricks, no surprise upcharges! This figure is the end-all. Once you accept it, our team will be ready to do the job right for you. Soon enough, that old sofa will be out of your house and heading down the road in our truck again. Wonderful! Now you can go shopping for a new couch for your family or employees to enjoy. 

Same-day and next-day appointments are available!