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Furniture Removal in Atlanta by White Gloves

The Best Choice for Furniture Removal in Atlanta

Are you currently located in the Atlanta area and looking to get rid of some of your old furniture? Whether it’s a bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, or more, hauling furniture about can often be a difficult and risky process. With such weighty and awkwardly-shaped items, you pose a risk of damaging your home or injuring yourself by attempting to do the job yourself. Why not call White Gloves for furniture removal in Atlanta instead? We have the experience needed for the job, saving you both time and strain in the process. It doesn’t get better than us!

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About White Gloves

White Gloves is your local solution to your junk removal needs! We operate out of many services areas, especially the Atlanta area. Because of this, we’ve gotten a lot of experience under our belts, and we’re ready to apply it to your Atlanta furniture removal today. What are some of the benefits of working with White Gloves? Simple—we offer same-day and next-day service, have trucks that can haul more than the competition, and our team is as professional as can be! We beat your regular old “guys in a truck” any day of the week. Why settle for them when you can have our expert services instead? We’ll do your old furniture removal in Atlanta the way it should be done!

White sofa for sofa removal

How It Works

Furniture removal in Atlanta by White Gloves is made as simple as possible to save you both frustration and time. Interested in getting started? Just give us a phone call or contact us online to connect with one of our friendly representatives! Once they’ve reached out to you, they’ll ask for more details about your Atlanta furniture removal. After discussing the specifics, we’ll give you an over-the-phone cost estimate and a 2-hour arrival window for our services. How convenient!

Once we arrive at your site, we’ll be able to give you an in-person quote. This is the final price for your furniture removal in Atlanta, so just agree to that and we can get right to work. Then, just like that, all that old furniture will be out of your house and in our truck instead!

Furniture Donation

A lot of the time, the furniture we collect during our jobs is still in fair or good condition. When this happens, there’s simply no need to drop it off in the landfill—that’s just needless waste. So, what we do instead is donate lightly used furniture to local charities. This helps reduce our impact on the planet and assists a neighbor in need instead! When you know that your old furniture is going to help someone who could use it more than you, you’ll feel good about having White Gloves do your furniture removal in Atlanta! The impact we’ll make together is sure to be a positive one.

Same-day and next-day appointments are available!