Stone Mountain Junk Hauling


Junk Removal in Stone Mountain, GA by White Gloves Junk Removal & Dumpster Rentals

Full-Service Junk Removal in Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, named after the nearby mountain of the same name, is yet another beautiful city located within DeKalb County. Let’s preserve that beauty together by making sure junk doesn’t become a long-lasting problem. Got a junk problem yourself? Whether it’s at your home or business, White Gloves Junk Removal can give you the junk removal in Stone Mountain that you need. Get that clutter out of your life and return to that peaceful and junkless life you once had. After all, we’re ready to help you, and we’re ready to do so as soon as today or tomorrow.

When junk takes over your property, other businesses see it as an opportunity to “nickel-and-dime” you. Think about all the companies you’ve worked with in the past, and all of their ludicrous fees, and you’ll know exactly what we mean. On the other hand, White Gloves keeps things fair and simple as your locally owned junk removal company. You could even consider us one of your neighbors. How close are we? As close as Atlanta, and that closeness lets us get to all our service areas quickly and punctually. When it comes to your Stone Mountain junk removal, it won’t be any different.

A White Gloves team member hauls a couch into the back of the truckOur full-service junk removal is a great choice for:


A closeup of a White Gloves dumpster highlights the logoFurthermore, our dumpster bin rental is a great choice for:

A Fair Price and a Commitment to You

Pricing is an important part of any junk removal job, and White Gloves wants to make sure the cost of your junk removal in Stone Mountain is affordable and fair. The first way we do this is by having a bigger truck than the competition. This means we take less trips to and fro the dump, meaning less money you have to spend, too. Additionally, we’ve also streamlined our pricing model to work in your favor, too. The cost of any given job is based on how much junk your junk takes up in our truck. Nothing more! Rest assured that you’ll pay a fair price that’ll leave money left over for takeout from Stone Mountain Pizza Café. Feel free to call us for an over-the-phone cost estimate—no obligations!

What’s more, we go the extra mile to give you not only a better price, but better service, too. How, you might ask? Simple—by giving you that special brand of courtesy that’s so hard to come by these days. Ever feel like other companies get by with treating their customers like walking bank accounts? That’s the sort of approach White Gloves works to be the opposite of! With us, enjoy a team with a positive, down-to-earth demeanor that recognizes you for who you are: a valuable neighbor in our community.

Two White Gloves team members stand in front of the truck smiling

Same-Day and Next-Day Appointments

You want that junk gone fast, and sometimes, that means as soon as today or tomorrow. Sure, that’s not a problem for us. In fact, we pride ourselves on our same-day and next-day appointments, meaning your junk removal in Stone Mountain gets done ASAP. That’s less time spent waiting for us, and more time spent admiring your no-clutter property. You can’t go wrong with speedy service like that!

Not only do we show up soon, but we get the job done quickly as well. Other businesses love taking their time on these sorts of jobs (usually because they charge hourly). With us, we understand we both have busy schedules, so we aim to work as efficiently as possible. Our experienced team knows how to “get going” without losing their attention for detail. That means we won’t be cutting corners—we’ve just become swift workers through experience.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to get started!