5 Tips To Help Deal With Hoarding

5 Tips To Help Deal With Hoarding

5 Tips To Help Deal With Hoarding

Have you ever looked at a room and wondering why there was so much junk lying around? Whether it be yours, a family member, or friends, it may a sign of hoarding and is something that should be taken serious. Hoarding over time can become a real burden as people tend to get attached to items regardless of how much they use them. If you are having trouble with hoarding or know someone who is, check out these tips to help make getting rid of your unused possessions easier.

Mail and Newspapers

Even in a world gone digital, it still feels like we are bombarded with newspapers and mail on a day to day basis. Try to deal with mail and newspapers ASAP. When your mail arrives, go through and decide right then and there what gets thrown away and what does not. It may seem like a very simplistic approach but doing so will keep you organized. If you let it build up for a few days or weeks, it may take hours to go through which will only make you want to push it off even more.

Don’t Make Spontaneous Purchases

It’s important to distinguish the difference between wants and needs when shopping. If something is a necessity, like food, then it’s okay to buy it on the spot but when it comes things like clothes or gadgets, you need to ask yourself if you really NEED to have it. In situations where you find yourself eager to buy something, take a step back and wait a couple days, then ask yourself again if you still want to make a purchase. If the answer is yes, you need to counteract your transaction. For every new item you buy, try and discard an item you may not use as much. Getting into a habit of this will allow you to begin to realize what you truly use and want collects dust as well all put a halt to your hoarding.

Daily Decluttering

Setting aside a certain amount of time each day to declutter some of your mess is a great way to gradually ease yourself into getting rid of the mess entirely. Having a routine and setting aside 15 minutes a day (or however long you may decide) will make it feel more like a normal activity than a burden.

Be wary of your feelings towards your possessions when trying to get rid of them. It’s understandable that this could be a big change and you might feel anxious getting rid of certain things so take small steps to begin. Start with a chair or small area that has clutter and work your way up to larger, messier parts of your house.

The One Year Rule

This rule is self-explanatory. Any clothes, broken items, craft projects, electronics, etc. that you haven’t used in over a year can be thrown away. Remind yourself that most of the things you are throwing away can be replaced if need be.

The OHIO Rule: Only Handle It Once

If you are in the process of decluttering, follow the OHIO Rule to force yourself into making decisions. Once you pick it up, decide whether to keep it or trash it and move on. A common action here is to move the item and place it in a different pile of clutter. Doing so will only make your job harder and wont result in any progress.

Ask for Help

Getting over hoarding is not easy. Its important to realize that you are not alone in those times of stress and anxiety. Asking for help can relieve some of that stress as you now have double the brain power to help you stay on track and make tough decisions you may not be willing to make. In serious cases, seek out professional help.

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